Who we are?

ejc-logoSACC is an initiative run by the European Jewish Congress (EJC) and is based in Brussels, Belgium. SACC is created by the SACC manager and SACC Core Team members, who are crisis management experts with a security background coming from various European Jewish Communities. SACC is also supported by the SACC Committee, which consists of the senior leaders of European Jewish communities involved in crisis management issues and who direct the SACC initiative.

What we do?

SACC was established with three main goals.

  1. To assist Jewish communities in Europe to prepare and apply local community crisis plans, which will enable them to face and handle various crisis situations in coordination with local authorities. As such, crisis situations are understood as, for example, natural disasters, vehicle or other major accidents, security incidents or any other situations that affect the community in a negative way and which require special measures to be taken. Read more

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In case of emergency


Call 112

In emergency situations always call 112 or local authorities first!


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Inform your local community about the emergency situation!


Call SACC +43 1 235 05 78

Inform SACC about the emergency in your local community. We are here to help you!

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Make a plan for your community

Here you can receive more information about how to create a crisis plan for your community as well as how to build and train a team.

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Case studies

Brussels Attack at the Jewish Musem

On May 24th, 2014 the Jewish community of Brussels faced a crisis situation after the tragic attack at the city’s Jewish Museum. The lone attacker entered the museum on Saturday, May 24th at around 15.45 holding a gun. At the entrance to the building, he immediately shot two people, later identified as Israeli tourists, who were visiting Brussels. Read more

New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina crashed into the low lying city of New Orleans and the surrounding Mississippi Delta region on August 29, 2005, destroying its fragile levee system and washing away thousands of homes and lives in its wake. It was the most devastating natural storm in the history of the United States— a powerful force that brought the city of New Orleans to its knees, crippling its infrastructure for more than a year and forever changing the lives of its people. The New Orleans Jewish community experienced Katrina much like everyone else. Read more

Buenos Aires, AMIA Building

The Jewish communities around the world had up until 1994 been spared from spectacular attacks with fatal consequences. In July 1994 the Jewish community in Buenos Aires became a victim of a terrorist attack. A car bomb exploded at the Community’s AMIA building. The bombing left 86 dead, hundreds wounded, and a city block looking like a war zone. The collapse of old building, buried dozens of people in the debris. Read more

Toulouse attack

In March 2012, the French Jewish community faced one of its worst crises in modern history. Mohamed Merah, a French Islamist, took part in a killing spree, murdering seven people and seriously injuring another person. After killing three French Muslim paratroopers, Merah came on motorcycle to the Jewish boarding school in Toulouse, in the south of France, where he opened fire. Read more

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